Corporate Plans

What we offer?

  • Personalised calorie calculator customised to your goals and measurements
  • Ability to track progress with weight, body fat, photos etc
  • 300+ detailed recipes to suit all nutritional requirements
  • Downloadable meal plans for 1,500kcal, 2,000kcal, 2,500kcal and 3,000kcal for those people that prefer to follow set plans
  • 300+ timed workout videos ranging from 10-60 minutes, beginner to advanced, with options for both home and gym
  • 40+ real time fitness classes
  • Specialist audio covering common questions in each field
  • Information videos and PDF relating to training
  • Yoga workouts ranging from 10-30 minutes and varying abilities
  • Meditations ranging from 5 minute stress relievers during a hectic day, to a 30 minute wind down sleep meditation to shut off before bed time
  • Downloadable nutritional information from our nutritionist on common topics that regularly arise in the field
  • Downloadable physiotherapy information from our specialists on all topics from musculoskeletal, pre/post natal and cancer rehabilitation
  • Videos covering all queries in those related areas
  • A booking system for remote consultations with any of our resident specialists, and a forum section to field any questions or queries you may have on any of the areas
  • 24hr GP and Counselling Service lines available